Northwest Thailand during World War II

N18°36 E98°49 Ban Kat (Th: บ้านกาด / Jp: バンガート村 )
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Route 1013
Station 008.9


A tour of the Bat Kat memorial site

The bell tower:

Bell tower

Viewed from southwest[39]


Bell tower donors

Donors’ names are listed on the ceramic tiles covering the tower base[40]

Bell tower credits

Plaque to left of donors' list:[41]

Design and construction of the bell tower by Commission of Japanese War Veterans from the Thai-Burma Campaign.

    Masayoshi Nakatomi
    Chairman (retired)
    Husamitsu Medicine Co

Plaque to right of donors' list:[42]

Donation through auspices of

Head of
Imperial Household Agency
Mr Watanabe

Japanese Consul, Chiang Mai
Mr Shigenori Suzuki


On one side of the bell tower is this inscription:[43]

Bell tower side

A message from those who constructed the bell tower:

Let us assembly here to show our respect for the teachings of Buddha.

During the period, 1941-1945, many people died because of an unnecessary war. This is very sad.

As war veterans who served in Burma and Thailand, we decided to build this monument.

In doing this, we hope to make the best use of their experience: we will make an effort to realize a peaceful world. We hope to meet these expectations.


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