Northwest Thailand during World War II

N 18°32.300
E 99°03.000
Ban San Khayom Bridge (Th: สะพานบานสันกะยบม / Jp: バンサンカヨム橋)
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Supplemental Information: index to State Railway of Thailand features
between stations: Rai Oi, 453+980, and Chiang Mai, 751+420.

RR line stationing Feature Name(s) Latitude Longitude Comment
453+980 Station Rai Oi N17°20.780 E100°04.680 Photos: RST00567, RST00565
456+988 Bridge Ban Dara,
N17°22.370 E100°04.610 3 span: 80.6m+101.2m+80.6m= 262.4m; photo: WW2 bridge from post in rotfaithai forum*; photos of present-day bridge: BDIS00111, BDIS00110;
458+310 Station Ban Dara Junction N17°22.990 E100°04.980 Photos: RST00347, RST00346, RST00240
458+765 Bridge   N17°23.21 E100°05.092 36m
461+800 Station Tha Sak N17°24.679 E100°05.855  
462+065 Bridge   N17°24.766 E100°05.877  
467+258 Bridge Huai Sak N17°27.594 E100°06.193 10m
469+860 Station Tron N17°28.996 E100°06.570  
476+820 Station Wang Kaphi N17°32.680 E100°06.023  
485+170 Station Uttaradit N17°37.215 E100°05.853  
487+250 Station Sila At
(prev Uttaradit Mai)
N17°38.360 E100°06.050 Photos: RST00339, RST00338
489+350 Station Tha Sao N17°38.770 E100°07.138  
493+250 Station Nam Rit N17°40.745 E100°07.450 Closed
497+560 Station Ban Dan N17°43.106 E100°07.660  
509+360 Station Pang Ton Pheung N17°47.990 E100°04.580 Photo: RST00343
510+592 Bridge   N17°48.355 E100°04.200 36m
510+840 Bridge   N17°48.465 E100°04.083 39m
511+022 Bridge   N17°48.550 E100°03.980 40m
513+780 Tunnel Pang Tun Khop N17°49.500 E100°03.000 Length: 120m; photos: BDIS00228, BDIS00226, BDIS00113
516+591 Tunnel Khao Phlueng N17°50.80 E100°02.68 Length: 362.44m; photos: BDIS00229, BDIS00228, BDIS00113
517+020 Station Khao Phlueng N17°51.040 E100°02.610  
521+480 Station Huai Rai N17°53.160 E100°02.415  
522+589 Bridge   N17°53.665 E100°02.740 25m
524+037 Bridge   N17°54.170 E100°03.400 82.60m
525+370 Station Rai Klet Dao N17°54.850 E100°03.825 Opened 2008
528+220 Station Mae Phuak N17°56.160 E100°03.465 Photo: RST00215; line number also 527+220 per Gallery
533+940 Station Den Chai N17°58.840 E100°02.780 Photos: RST00499, RST00342, RST00224
538+430 Station Pak Pan N17°59.685 E100°00.395  
538+751 Bridge   N17°59.770 E100°00.230 40m
540+400 Bridge ?   N18°00.120 E99°59.465 Only Google Earth view of 05/13/2012 shows. Length ~60m. Not listed in rotfaithai reference. Wisarut Bholsithi email of 2232 hrs, 13 Oct 2104 confirms no structure. Site check required.
546+940 Station Kaeng Luang N18°01.500 E99°56.830 Photos: RST00527, RST00341, RST00216
551+674 Bridge Huai Mae Ta,
Kaeng Luang
N18°02.530 E99°54.960 3 x 58m spans = 174m; photo: BDIS00108
554+420 Station Huai Mae Ta N18°03.975 E99°55.260 Photos: RST00345, RST00340
563+547 Bridge   N18°05.630 E99°52.125 25m. While not on rotfaithai list, confirmed by Wisarut Bholsithi email of 2232 hrs, 13 Oct 2104.
563+865 Station Ban Pin N18°05.765 E99°52.010 Photos: RTS00583, RTS00582
564+456 Bridge   N18°06.030 E99°51.835  
568+804 Bridge   N18°08.000 E99°51.120 25m
569+635 Bridge   N18°08.440 E99°51.290 17.5m
574+115 Tunnel Huai Mae Lan N18°10.290 E99°52.045 Length: 130.20m; photos: BDIS00254, BDIS00253, BDIS00058, BDIS00057
574+430 Station Huai Mae Lan N18°10.440 E99°51.960 Closed; coordinates estimated (no structure visible on Google Earth)
575+607 Bridge   N18°11.040 E99°52.120 17.5m
577+376 Bridge   N18°11.880 E99°52.180 30m
577+622 Bridge   N18°12.02 E99°52.220 25m
577+932 Bridge   N18°12.150 E99°52.320 40m
578+054 Bridge   N18°12.220 E99°52.310 25m
578+241 Bridge   N18°12.320 E99°52.290 12m
578+460 Station Pha Khan N18°12.440 E99°52.250 Photos: RST00588, RTS00568, RTS00567
579+456 Bridge   N18°12.810 E99°52.475 17.5m
581+220 Station Pha Kho N18°13.710 E99°52.605  
591+070 Station Pan Puai (Pang Puay) N18°17.925 E99°51.505 Photo: RST00006
599+848 Bridge Mae Chang N18°16.480 E99°47.435 2 spans=66m: 1 plate girder, 1 truss; aka "Mae Mo Bridge"
600+330 Station Mae Chang N18°16.375 E99°47.180  
609+160 Station Mae Mo N18°15.677 E99°42.410  
609+794 Bridge   N18°15.450 E99°42.190 64m
614+900 Station Huai Rak Mai N18°15.350 E99°39.380  
622+200 Station Sala Pha Lat N18°14.325 E99°35.760 Photo: RST00536
625+400 Bridge   N18°12.82 E99°34.60 25m
628+450 Station Mae Tha N18°11.990 E99°33.405 Photos: RST00544, RST00005
637+140 Station Nong Wua Thao N18°14.660 E99°30.020  
642+290 Station Lampang N18°16.785 E99°28.380 Photo: RST00473
643+238 Bridge   N18°16.997 E99°27.950  
643+369 Bridge Mae Wang N18°17.060 E99°27.850 Multi-span=262m; photo: BDIS00003
647+110 Station Bau Haeo N18°18.130 E99°25.865  
654+850 Station Hang Chat N18°20.165 E99°22.170 Photos: RST00331, RST00077
660+980 Station Pang Muang N18°22.200 E99°19.510 Photos: RST00541, RST00540, RST00538, RST00330, RST00072, RST00070
665+090 Station Huai Rian N18°22.210 E99°17.695  
671+080 Station Mae Tan Noi N18°24.245 E99°15.780 Photos: RTS00595, RST00508, RST00267, RST00266, RST00093
672+150 Bridge "Mae Tan" N18°24.390 E99°15.720 36m
673+674 Station Pang Hua Pong N18°25.195 E99°15.820 Closed. Position only approximate
674+625 Bridge   N18°25.580 E99°15.940 15m; built 1968
676+754 Bridge Pang Lha,
"Composite Bridge"
N18°26.730 E99°15.960 5 span: 15m+(3x30m)+15m=120m; photo: BDIS00081
677+903 Bridge Pang Yang (S),
"3-tower bridge"
N18°27.330 E99°15.990 4 span: 30m+60m+30m+22m=142m; photo: BDIS00090
677+974 Station Pang Yang ? ? Closed 1922 (?)
678+324 Bridge Pang Yang (N),
"2-tower bridge"
N18°27.540 E99°15.950 3 span: 30m+60m+30m=120m;
photo: BDIS00089
682+250 Tunnel Khun Tan N18°29.555 E99°15.900 Length: 1362m; photos: BDIS00248, BDIS00247, BDIS00207, BDIS00092, BDIS00091
683+140 Station Khun Tan N18°29.975 E99°15.910 Photos: RST00561, RST00553, RST00503, RST00329, RST00328, RST00198, RST00029, RST0027, RST00024
690+341 Bridge Tha Chomphu N18°30.600 E99°13.100 2 span reinforced concrete: 2x40m=80m; photos: BDIS00007, BDIS00106; but see esp: "White Bridge"
691+890 Station Tha Chomphu N18°30.385 E99°12.335  
700+680 Station Mae Tha,
Sala Mae Tha
N18°27.697 E99°08.343 Photos:RST00474, RST00452, RST00095
707+xxx Station Huai Kieng ? ? Closed (source: Whyte, p29)
713+010 Station Nong Lom N18°27.735 E99°03.420  
722+103 Bridge San Khayom N18°32.314 E99°02.994 2 span: 2x40m=80m
724+000 Station Doi Ti ? ? Closed; demolished 1980 for intersection of Thai Routes 11, 114, & 116
727+694 Bridge   N18°34.810 E99°01.350 36m
727+834 Bridge   N18°34.880 E99°01.320 36m
728+103 Bridge   N18°35.020 E99°01.300 36m
728+281 Bridge Kuang River N18°35.120 E99°01.300 3x40m=120m; BDIS00042; not listed in rotfaithai reference. Stationing confirmed by Wisarut Bholsithi email of 2232 hrs, 13 Oct 2104.
729+213 Station Lamphun N18°35.610 E99°01.240 Photos: RST00560, RST00197, RST00025
729+620 Bridge   N18°35.845 E99°01.255 36.5m
729+716 Bridge   N18°35.895 E99°01.263 32.85m
730+308 Bridge   N18°36.183 E99°01.400 40m
734+640 Station Pa Sao N18°38.260 E99°02.530 Photos: RST00327, RST00326
742+780 Station Saraphi
(prev Yang Loang)
N18°42.610 E99°02.500 Photo: RST00325
751+420 Station Chiang Mai N18°47.025 E99°01.005 Photos: RST00539, RST00196, RST00039

Note that a field sampling on the rail approach to Chiang Mai found that there are minor omissions in this list.

 * For Stationing 456+988 comment: an at least marginally satisfactory translation of the rotfaithai page referenced, which is in Thai (and, for that matter, the translation of almost any "foreign" language webpage on the Internet), is available in the Google Chrome browser via Advanced Settings, Languages, and checking "Offer to translate . . ."

N18.^ Sources:

     stations & stops

Other: Whyte, BR, The Railway Atlas of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (Bangkok: White Lotus, 2010), pp 25-29.

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