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Missing Airmen, an episode in TPBS series, "The truth is not dead", aired 13 Oct 2021

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End Introduction
01:22 ความจริงไม่ตาย : The truth is not dead (TPBS series name)
01:24 (title: Amphoe Muang Chungwat Lampang) scenes around Lampang
01:31 (bridge name: Ratsadaphisek Bridge)
01:43 voice: Pimnara Kosaweerawat, presenter
02:00 looking towards mountains to east of Lampang City
02:02 (still photo) on the trail up to the Minco crash site
02:05 (still photo) on the trail. Gray head in foreground: Boonyen Khantakrua, local guide for Minco crash site; two full figures to his right: Ron Minton (with hat), EOD specialist, and Blas Colunga, rigger, who put up the ropes that ease access to the Minco site.
02:10 group photo at foot of trail to Minco crash site
02:20 2Lt Henry Minco, USAAF pilot (killed in crash of his P-51 on 11 Nov 1944 east of Lampang town)
02:29 presenter talking from Ratsadaphisek Bridge
02:39 presenter talking in front of Lampang clock tower
03:05 aircraft animation
03:15 เสืออากาศ ผู้สาบสูญ (ยุทธเวหาลำปาจ พ.ศ. 2487) :
Missing Airmen (The Battle of Lampang, 1944)
03:18 clock tower, street scenes, presenter talking
03:30 The Black Bridge
03:33 shell holes in northerly approach span to Black Bridge
03:40 Lt Gen Nipat Tong-lek, title: "war historian"
03:49 Lampang RR station (old photo, but postwar - note vintage of trucks )
04:09 historical film clips: truck hauling timber . . . elephants loading logs ภาพจาก หอภาพยนตร์ (องค์การมหาชน) [attributed to the Film Archive); historical, but postwar - again note truck vintage]; presenter continues.
04:15 Thai (?) soldiers --- uniforms, equipment look like World War I (?)
04:17 Thai or Japanese troops
04:21 Japanese troops (flag)
04:24 locomotive with carriages pulling out of Lampang RR station
04:27 presumably Lampang's Black Bridge, b&w
04:29 Lampang's Black Bridge, modern day, color
04:33 approach span to Black Bridge
04:38 Nipat talking
04:50 historical film clips: ภาพสงครามโลก ครั้งที่ 2 จาก (World War II films from) the US National Archives and Records Administration. Film of aircraft and bombing [early sequence in Chiang Mai (not Lampang) RR station bombing (21 Dec 1943) video at, starting about 1:55]
04:57 page from Sak R's history describing the air battle with "5 vs 21" referring to five Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Ki-27s dogfighting with 21 US P-38s and P‑51s (actually the 21 was 16, as corrected below at 25:25).
05:05 Rattana Tanakam (title: "former President of Lampang Media Association"), showing Dr Sak R's history book to presenter
05:28 Sak Ratanachai, author of Lampang history book which they have been looking at. Still alive, but now senile, he lives at Vansantvoord Hospital (east of Ratsadaphisek Bridge, the white bridge). His present condition would explain use of his photo, rather than an interview (I didn't recognize him).
05:31 reviewing pages in Sak's history: photos of the five Thai Air Force pilots who participated in the Lampang air battle.
05:37 leftmost pilot, Chalermgiat Wattananggoon, later became head of the RTAF. Next to him, Kamrobe Plengkham, the pilot who shot down Minco.
06:09 animation of air battle, presenter talking. US aircraft flew out of Yunnanyi, China
06:30 Air Chief Marshal Sakpinit Promthep, title: "Expert at the Royal Thai Air Force and Aviation Museum"
06:52 Again, this clip of bombing is actually part of the Chiang Mai RR station bombing on 21 Dec 1943; not Lampang: the long building at left is one in the Kawila Barracks complex (possibly that at: N18°46.615 E99°00.740).
06:58 Nipat talking
07:12 animation of P-38, P-51(?)
07:29 model aircraft, Sakpinit talking
07:53 animation of IJAAF fighter aircraft, presenter talking
08:09 Sakpinit talking, with animations
08:28 Nipat talking, followed by animation
08:45 two women continue review of Sak R's history of the air battle at library
09:54 mountainside and visit to:
10:14 Prabhat Arboretum, part of Khalang Banpote
10:21 Head, Khalang Banpote Nat'l park. Some of her staff joined the DPAA in its treks to the Minco site, and likewise the Thai PBS crew in this video.
11:06 to the trucks
11:13 and forest . . . Doi Farang (11:47 - note that ropes are still in place from DPAA visit in April 2021)
11:44 destination name: Doi Farang
12:47 looking for pieces of wreckage
13:00 (and that's how steep it was)
13:20 metal fragment with number stamped "02-53070"
13:23 many flags marking the large number of metal detector "hits" at crash site
14:09 Gun-anake Kamtanwong, title: "Natl Park officer"
14:12 jacket zipper pull, presumably from Minco's jacket; Gun-anake's gesture to neck: they want to find the name tag of pilot
14:21 Manit Une-Kreua, title: "President of Pichai Subdistrict Administrative Organization". He later displays linked shell casings
15:00 bamboo walking sticks are standard for this trek
15:11 animation, presenter talking
15:34 (presenter is using old-fashioned pencil with paper notebook ! )
15:53 interview continues with Manit
16:00 Manit says that the linked shell casings were found in a stream (they were apparently a prop used in presentations to villagers; unfortunately the video gives them undue prominence).
16:21 Manit went to Huai Hia ("airplane stream" in local dialect), not knowing that it was a forbidden area --- villagers never went into that area out of fear.
17:01 end interview in office; mountains, rice paddies, children with model planes
17:38 interview with Boonyen Khantakrua
18:13 subtitles start because Boonyen is talking local dialect
18:14 Boonyen's title: "Sai Tai villager, Lampang Province"
18:47 Presenter says that the Minco crash site was not found accidentally, but rather by the efforts of three people whom she then introduces, in order by highlighting:
Daniel Jackson, US Air Force
Hak Hakanson, retired American, local resident
Sakpinit Promthep, retired RTAF officer
19:18 Hak Hakanson, title: "world war historian"
19:51 ". . . the sources are dying . . .":
perhaps conveniently jibes with the TPBS series which is titled "the truth is not dead", of which this episode on missing airmen is just a part.
20:10 1Lt Franklin H McKinney, USAAF pilot (killed in crash of his F-5 (P-38) on 05 Nov 1944 near Mae Kua village)
20:18 image is reversed (see number on tail)
20:30 map, part of China: Hupeh, Hunan Provinces locating other planes lost that had been based in China (but not locating McKinney's)
20:37 Sakpinit talking about search for lost aircraft
21:11 views of RTAF documents about McKinney's crash
21:14 (book: Daniel Jackson, The Forgotten Squadron, open to pp 96-97), presenter talking
21:37 To Mae Kua
21:43 GPS unit showing Highway AH2, aka Thai Highway 1, connecting Bangkok with Mae Sai in the very northernmost area of Thailand
21:51 Ms Fong Inma talking (subtitles start because she speaks local dialect); sitting beside her is one of her sons.
21:51 Shelter north side of paddy where McKinney crashed (not where we lunched)
22:11 Ms Fong Inma, title "Mae Kua villager, Lampang Province" (now 97)
She says that it happened around 3 p.m. I heard a very loud noise, I imagined that the plane crashed and the pilot was thrown from his plane. People who first got there said just the upper part of the pilot was left, no legs, no arms. Authorities and villagers made a fire and burned him right there.
22:39 landmark palm tree at right front; Ms Fong's son talking
22:52 nice drone view! Circling same landmark palm tree
23:02 Tawee Inma, title: "Mae Kua villager, Lampang Province" --- the son accompanying Ms Fong in interview.
23:10 Crotalaria flowers
23:28 Sakpinit talking, with RTAF docs about McKinney crash
24:27 McKinney photo, presenter talking
24:40 Minco's MACR in background, then Sak R's book . . .
25:04 Sakpinit talking; explaining air battle over Lampang
25:25 Sakpinit here corrects numbers of US aircraft in air battle: 16, not 21.
25:29 animation about Minco shootdown, presenter talking
25:53 Sakpinit talking
26:52 Sakpinit talking ends; drone view of mountain, paddies, presenter talking
27:42 Hak talking
28:03 mountain scenery . . . presenter talking
28:48 end talking
28:50 credits


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