Northwest Thailand during World War II

N18°36 E98°49 Ban Kat (Th: บ้านกาด / Jp: バンガート村 )
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Route 1013
Station 008.9


Tour, continued

Inscriptions on the Bell in the Bell Tower at Ban Kat

Bell with striker

The bell with chain-suspended wooden striker[44]


Name for Buddha

A name for Buddha used in addressing him in prayer[45]



A poem by the Showa Emperor (Hirohito)[46]


Rest in peace

Rest in peace /signed/ Prime Minister Hashimoto[47]


Poem translated

Thai translation of the Emperor's poem:[48]

Following in the way of Buddha, people can
enjoy life-long prosperity and happiness.

           The Showa Emperor (Hirohito)


Clapper maker

Manufacturer of wooden striker:[49]
Namu Shisutemu
Ueda Giken Sanguio, Ltd

bell maker

Bell manufacturer:[50]
Tetsuhiro Iwazawa
Kyoto Prefecture


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